Blue Hill at Stone Barns is a world-renowned, award-winning restaurant located on-site in one of the historic stone buildings at Stone Barns Center—and it plays a vital role in helping advance our mission.

The three components of the Stone Barns community—education center, working farm and farm-to-table restaurant—collaborate closely to help people fully appreciate the tastes, value and source of sustainably grown food. Visitors to Stone Barns can trace the origin of their food from field and pasture to plate. Their visit might start with a farm tour or education program, progress to a conversation with one of our farmers, and come full circle with an inventive, farm-fresh meal at the restaurant.

Our farmers, chefs and educators all work together to advance innovation and experimentation in sustainable agriculture and the creation of delicious, nutritious cuisine. Some examples of our intimate partnership:

- As a celebrated restaurant, Blue Hill has the ear of chefs, suppliers, corporations and other important food audiences about how they can be more sustainable in all their food choices.

- Stone Barns farmers work closely with Blue Hill chefs in seed trials, in which new varieties of vegetables are grown and harvested on the farm and then prepared in imaginative ways for diners—a collaboration that can help open up new markets for small farmers.

- We are producing biochar, a pure form of carbon that is free of the volatile chemicals found in charcoal, from tree branches, animal bones and other biomass found on the farm and in the restaurant. Blue Hill chefs season and cook with the char. Blue Hill chefs also use heat drawn from compost to cook meat and vegetables served in the restaurant.

- Through Stone Barns Center’s public education programming, Blue Hill staff teaches in-the-kitchen classes for children and adults featuring seasonal ingredients from the farm.

- Stone Barns and Blue Hill are experimenting together with biochar, a pure form of charcoal produced on-site from organic materials and then used by chefs on the grill.

- Blue Hill purchases approximately 70% of what’s grown and raised on the farm at Stone Barns. (Blue Hill also buys from other farmers and producers in the region.)

The partnership between Stone Barns Center and Blue Hill is mutually reinforcing and supportive: a nonprofit organization and a business working hand-in-hand on the same land toward the shared goal of changing the way America eats and farms. It can spark the imagination of others who will devise collaborations between farms, restaurants, schools, hospitals, universities, parks and other community pillars.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns, along with its sister restaurant in Manhattan, Blue Hill, is owned and managed by Dan, David and Laureen Barber.  Click here for more information.