Group Tours

Private group tours of Stone Barns are available for adults on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Group size: Minimum of 10 / Maximum of 40

Designed for nonprofits, educational organizations or small community groups, these 90-minute tours cover the farm in its entirety and are led by knowledgeable staff members. See details below.

Click here to complete a group tour request form. Please understand that submitting a request form is not a confirmation of your reservation. Once your group tour request form is received, a member of our staff will contact you via email to schedule your trip (dates and times for private group tours are subject to availability). For questions, please call 914 366 6200 x134 or email 

For corporate group event options, please contact our partner, Blue Hill, at or 914 366 9606 x226 for more information.

Private Group Tour Options

Option 1: Insider’s Tour
An intimate, behind-the-scenes view of the farm with a 90-minute in-depth tour. Learn about the Center’s methods of raising livestock and growing vegetables sustainably.  Walk through the greenhouse and growing fields, and meet the animals raised on the farm.  Understand more fully what sustainable and resilient farming means, and why we believe that good food, grown well, can change our food system.  Tour content changes with each season, as does life on the farm.

The Insider’s Tour fee is $250 for groups of up to 10 people and $25/person for groups of 11 to 40 people.

Option 2: Dig In Tour 
A 90-minute experience on the farm, which includes an in-depth guided tour and a hands-on farming activity led by one of our farmers.  Seasonally relevant explorations of our vegetable growing areas and our livestock habitats will help participants to get closer to the sources of their food.  In addition to an extended tour of the farm, a spring visit might involve helping the farmers with egg collecting, or harvesting spring greens in the vegetable field.  A fall visit might include a chance to herd our turkeys to pasture, move our flock of sheep or harvest root vegetables. Content changes with each season, as does life on the farm.  This tour option is an enjoyable and informative way to get participants outside and get their hands (a little) dirty.

The Dig In Tour fee is $400 for groups up to 10 people and $40/person for groups of 11 to 40 people.

Group Tour and Taste of Stone Barns Lunch
An optional 1-hour buffet lunch for is available non-profits, educational organizations or small community groups between 11:00 am and 1:30 pm for an additional fee (group size for buffet lunch: minimum of 10/maximum of 40).  The buffet lunch must be paired with one of the tours listed above. For pricing information, contact