30 Ways to Be a Food Changemaker

You don’t have to be a farmer or a scientist to change the food system. Here are 30 small steps you can take in your everyday life to affect change.

  1. Vote for representatives who support sustainable agriculture and healthy foods
  2. Join a CSA
  3. Shop at a farmers’ market (and ask your farmer what they are having trouble selling–and buy it!)
  4. Compost your food scraps at home or at the farmers’ market
  5. Ask your school principal to make healthy food a priority
  6. Join your community’s food policy council–or start one
  7. Visit or volunteer at a community garden
  8. Post an article on healthy food systems on social media
  9. Contribute to nonprofits working to support farmers and food system change
  10. Buy pasture-raised eggs and locally-raised meat, if you can find it
  11. Plant wild flowers for pollinators
  12. Cook dinner at home, and incorporate Meatless Mondays into your week
  13. Eat uncommon meat cuts
  14. Learn about GMOs
  15. Learn about the connections between food production and climate change
  16. Ask a farmer about cover crops and integrated pest management
  17. Buy “ugly” fruits and vegetables at the market and post your best photos to Instagram!
  18. Visit a farm with the whole family
  19. Google “soil health”
  20. Make a microloan to a young farmer
  21. Eat what’s in season
  22. Grow some of your own food, or even create a windowsill herb garden
  23. Try a new vegetable
  24. Make broth from bones or vegetable scraps
  25. Freeze or can fruits for winter months
  26. Dry herbs for cooking and making tea
  27. Teach your children how to cook
  28. Read a book about the future of food and farming
  29. Subscribe to a food and farming news service or blog
  30. Learn about the 2018 Farm Bill

What would you add to the list? How are you working to be a Food Changemaker? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Twitter and keep working toward a better food future for all!

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