From the Executive Director

New grazing and land conservation project

Beginning in 2018, Stone Barns Center is undertaking an exciting new phase in our work to use regenerative agriculture to protect and improve land and pastures in our Pocantico Hills community.

As part of his commitment to community, conservation and sustainable agriculture, the late David Rockefeller bequeathed the land surrounding his home in Pocantico Hills to the New York Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation to expand Rockefeller State Park Preserve. Stone Barns Center is working with the Preserve to manage and steward the network of fields and pastures that are part of this land donation. We are honored to care for this special cultural, historic and natural landscape.

Careful land management through livestock grazing has the potential to create vibrant habitats for wildflowers and wildlife while also improving the soil and pasture quality for animals themselves. On this additional pasture land, we are grazing sheep, raise egg-laying hens and meat ducks, and finishing cattle for grassfed beef on these pastures.

We also welcomed a herd of goats who love to eat scrubby brush in the woodlands and are helping us with trail maintenance. They eat a greater diversity of forage than other grazers like sheep, so they are very effective at this job and allow us to manage trails without any chemical herbicides or greenhouse gas-powered vehicles.

We are so appreciative the support of the community as we embark on new adventures, and deeply grateful to Mr. Rockefeller for his foresight and generosity in ensuring public access to and use of this beautiful landscape. We look forward to working with the community to steward this extraordinary place.


Learn from Assistant Grazier Leah Puro how we use goats to clear vegetation at Stone Barns Center and the neighboring Rockefeller State Park:

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