A Salty and Sweet Summer Salad for Two

One head of farm-fresh lettuce, or 1/4 lb mixed greens
6-8 fresh strawberries
Ricotta Salata (a delicious, pressed curd, salty cheese!)
2 farm-fresh eggs
3 green onions, young onions or garlic scapes

Rinse, dry and cut lettuce head. Separate into two bowls.
Slice strawberries, cheese and onions. Evenly add to bowls.
Soft boil the two eggs. Bring water to boil, add eggs and boil for 6 minutes.
Peel, cut and top each salad with one egg.
Salt your eggs.
Dress with a light, red wine vinaigrette and enjoy with a friend!

Originally published on July 18, 2012. Recipe courtesy of Adriana Stimola, Content Developer

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