Larry Lunt

Larry Lunt is a private investor from Belgium and manages Armonia, his family office in Greenwich, CT. Armonia is focused on broadening the definition of investing by supporting regenerative projects. Larry is primarily interested in the regeneration of the environment for the benefit of humanity as well as the promotion of healthy soil, healthy food and healthy people. He is committed to growing multiple “bottom lines,” living in radical collaboration, and implementing the wisdom of nature. In support of healthy food, Armonia has invested in companies such as Gaia Herbs, Maple Hill Creamery, and Saffron Road. In support of healthy communities, Larry is involved with Ashoka, promoter of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, and Echoing Green, which “unleashes next generation talent to solve the world’s biggest problems”. Larry also has various levels of involvement with major environmental groups: Stone Barns Center for Agriculture, Rainforest Alliance, NRDC, Savory Institute, and The Nature Conservancy. He currently lives in Greenwich, CT with his family and has an Economics degree from Louvain University in Belgium and an MBA from Sophia University in Japan.

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