For Farmers

Growing Farmers Initiative

One-third of American farmers are over retirement age; only 6% are under age 35. Our Growing Farmers Initiative helps beginning farmers succeed.

Young Farmers & Cooks Conference Entrepreneurship Intensive

Resources and Opportunities

Learn and practice regenerative farming and help create a healthy and sustainable food system

Other Ways to Get Involved

2/3 of our apprentices are still working in agriculture

Where Are They Now?

This year he landed back in the pasture as shepherd/flock manager at Lowland Farm, in Warwick, N.Y., where he lives on and manages an 80-acre parcel where the sheep graze. Read more

Arian Rivera

On a half-acre just outside the Boulder city limits, with “a clear view of the Flatirons against the Front Range,” Krisan now runs a diversified vegetable farm, modeled in large part after the systems she worked with at Stone Barns. Read more

Krisan Christensen

In 2014, Jason, who hails from Manhattan, returned to Stone Barns as our Field Crop Manager and Variety Trial Manager. His enthusiasm for every new type of vegetable trialed, tested and tasted is contagious. Read more

Jason Grauer

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