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Located in Pocantico Hills, NY, Stone Barns is a laboratory for learning and catalyzing a culture of informed, healthy eating.

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Teaching & Learning

By educating people about food and farming, we're encouraging the food citizens of tomorrow to make healthier life choices for themselves and the planet.

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About Us

We are working to develop a culture of eating based on what farms need to grow to build healthy soil and a resilient ecosystem.

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Apprentice Responsibilities

2020 Apprenticeship

Apprentice Position descriptions

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Crops Apprentice

The crops apprentice will learn skills for growing, harvesting and processing a diversity of high quality vegetables, flowers and herb crops in our seven-acre vegetable field and two-acre grain/row crop rotations, half acre winter garden with unheated moveable greenhouses and half acre soil based four-season greenhouse. Each crops apprentice will function as a part of the larger crops team while on a scheduled rotation in both the outdoor and indoor production areas. Through the course of the season, the apprentice will develop production skills including, but not limited to:

  • Seed starting
  • Greenhouse management and season extension
  • Bed preparation
  • Direct seeding and transplanting
  • Crop and soil health
  • Compost management
  • Seasonal varietal selection
  • Crop maintenance and weed management
  • Irrigation systems
  • Operating and maintaining machinery
  • Harvesting
  • Processing vegetables for storage and sale
  • Tracking production/record keeping
  • Supervising volunteers and interns

livestock Apprentice

We manage more than 300 acres of grasslands in our neighboring New York State Park, the Rockefeller State Park Preserve, with intensive rotational animal grazing. Cattle, sheep, and poultry are deployed for pasture and grasslands health and maintenance, while we steward the woodlands with pigs and goats. Each species has a dedicated role within our greater ecological system. The livestock apprentice will gain practical production experience in a regenerative grassland and woodland system. This apprenticeship includes daily livestock production supported with on-farm and indoor workshops and lectures that provide a comprehensive understanding of farm systems and culture. The livestock team will provide a daily operational direction, mentorship, and guidance in the management and operations associated with the health and welfare of all species in our system.

The apprentice will develop production skills including, by not limited to:

  • A basic understanding for how our regenerative management systems apply to animal husbandry
  • Care and management of cattle, sheep, goats, poultry, and waste-fed pigs
  • High quality animal welfare, low stress livestock handling, and livestock health practices
  • Foot trimming, shearing, health checks, FAMACHA, and internal parasite management in small ruminants
  • A working knowledge of lambing/kidding management
  • Small ruminant breeding
  • Rotational grazing tools and techniques
  • Woodland and invasive management with pigs and goats
  • Portable fencing systems and water systems
  • Fence, tool, and equipment maintenance
  • Maintenance and care of guard dogs
  • Pasture management and pasture/grazing planning (grazing, mowing, seeding)
  • Basic soil and pasture health
  • Tracking production/record keeping
  • Exposure to our ecological monitoring program including data collection for soil health, plant diversity, insect diversity, and bird population monitoring
  • Opportunities to explore other departments of Stone Barns, including bees, honey production, perennial care and maintenance, machinery maintenance, compost production and waste stream cycling, and education