At The Farm

Located in Pocantico Hills, NY, Stone Barns is a laboratory for learning and catalyzing a culture of informed, healthy eating.

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Teaching & Learning

By educating people about food and farming, we're encouraging the food citizens of tomorrow to make healthier life choices for themselves and the planet.

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About Us

We are working to develop a culture of eating based on what farms need to grow to build healthy soil and a resilient ecosystem.

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For Teachers

Change in the Classroom

Food- and farm-related programs to enhance curricula for high school and community-college students

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Teacher Institute

A professional development opportunity for teachers in NYC, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and Miami. Join us at the farm for a 10-day intensive training with our food studies curriculum
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Why Food Matters

Our high school food studies curriculum has been carefully crafted to offer a full semester's look at the food system
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Our Programs

We offer several options for high school teachers around the country to bring food studies to their classrooms

Hear From Our Teachers

“The curriculum is extremely practical. I came here with a lot of questions from our community and school, and now after coming to Stone Barns Center, I have solutions to those issues to bring back with me.”

Teresa Fernan

Culinary Arts Teacher, Houston

“Start small. Put the seeds in the ground. Whether they’re seeds of thought or physical seeds. Stone Barns has created such a wonderful curriculum and we’ll be doing a deep dive into food and culture, and food and power, and the food system. “

Jennifer Wright

English Teacher, Chicago

“It’s the perfect opportunity to see how a farm can be sustainable. And we get the materials to bring back to our students to help them learn about how you can grow your own food, eat healthy, and go up against corporate, monocrop food that’s not good for you.”

Brian Bleser

Science Teacher, Los Angeles

Making the Farm-Health Connection

Working with doctors to explore the link between soil health and human health
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More information

Our high school programs are made possible by generous support from Unilever. Guided by its Sustainable Nutrition manifesto, Unilever is committed to food that tastes good, does good, and doesn’t cost the earth.