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If you are a high school teacher, we encourage you to learn more about how to integrate Food Ed. into your curriculum. Our teacher trainings happen during the summer, after which you will have all the tools you need to bring our semester-long class into your school.

food ed. Full-Semester Curriculum

Our full-semester Food Ed. course investigates why food matters. It takes a multi-disciplinary approach to the food we produce and eat, and explores food’s relationships to culture, the environment, and power. Students consider the meanings attributed to food, our changing relationships with nature—as well as the environmental and medical consequences of those changes—and the ways in which food illuminates and addresses questions of social justice. The curriculum offers both academic and hands-on activities for the classroom, as well as a weekly cooking lab. The course is attentive to Common Core Standards and can be adjusted to meet particular curricular demands.

To see the course overview, including themes, objectives, and structure, please click here.

farm intensive

Our full-day intensive at Stone Barns introduces students to the connection between food and farming and initiates them into thinking about how we can build a healthy food system. We work with you to build a hands-on experience on the farm that supports classroom coursework. Students will spend the day learning about Stone Barns Center’s experimental agroecology, cooking with produce sourced from the farm, and digging into Food Ed., our interdisciplinary food studies curriculum for high school students.

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