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Located in Pocantico Hills, NY, Stone Barns is a laboratory for learning and catalyzing a culture of informed, healthy eating.

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By educating people about food and farming, we're encouraging the food citizens of tomorrow to make healthier life choices for themselves and the planet.

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We are working to develop a culture of eating based on what farms need to grow to build healthy soil and a resilient ecosystem.

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Farm Systems Intensive: On-Farm Slaughter & Butchery Processing

The Farm Systems Intensive is a 10-day program that explores the agroecological practices that will help beginning farmers learn and establish regenerative practices. Workshops cannot be attended individually, but are available as a complete curriculum, or as crops-only or livestock-only sessions. Explore the full curriculum here. 


on-farm slaughter and butchery processing

This full day workshop will focus on raising and processing animals for market. Jared Tomlin, Livestock Assistant at Stone Barns Center will guide attendees through the operations of our state certified slaughterhouse and discuss appropriate livestock management practices for good weight gain, monitoring animal readiness for harvest, record keeping, slaughter, cutting and processing. The workshop will also cover topics such as pricing, packaging, labeling and considering value added production. There will be a demonstration of poultry slaughter and processing as well as the slaughterhouse waste management systems in place. Blue Hill Culinary Director Trevor Swope will join the workshop as farmer and chef together break down a whole lamb step by step while imparting basic butchery skills to workshop participants. Instructors will explain how lamb is featured at Blue Hill and Blue Hill at Stone Barns and how the quality of lamb can be informed by the life, diet, and breed of a sheep.






Jared Tomlin is Livestock Assistant at Stone Barns Center. The importance of local, small-scale agriculture was first introduced to Jared during his education in culinary arts at New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont. While studying, Jared had the opportunity to intern at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, where he would eventually work his way up to Meat Sous Chef. The inclusion of “Farm Chores” while working as a cook at Blue Hill planted a seed of curiosity that would eventually pull him away from the kitchen and into the fields. At Stone Barns, Jared works with the livestock team to ensure that animal impact on the land is for the aid and restoration of the soil.

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Trevor Swope, Blue Hill Culinary Director