Vegetable Box Subscription

Vegetable Box Subscription

As part of our resourcED initiative, we’re pleased to offer The Vegetable Box featuring Stone Barns produce and a curated selection of products from other local farms. Chock full of the kind of diversity that makes farms vibrant and resilient, the box is a no-choice supermarket of the moment: foraged, greenhouse, field and storage crops are the nose to tail equivalent of supporting the whole farm. A jar of mixed whole grains for at home sprouting is also included.

We’re excited to offer Stone Barns members the exclusive opportunity to subscribe to the #resourcED vegetable box. Subscription pick-up is available Wednesday – Friday from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Optional add-ons include 1/2 dozen eggs and a loaf of bread.

Due to limited quantities, we ask that you download the form below, return the completed pdf to resourcED@bluehillfarm.com and we will confirm your order.

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If you have any questions about the Vegetable Box or a subscription, please email Maggie at maggien@stonebarnscenter.org.

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