The Gallery at Stone Barns

Our new Gallery space celebrates the linkages between artistic practices and farm sustainability. 

The Arts & Ecology initiative at Stone Barns Center is an active studio and R&D center for expanding the connections between agriculture, ecology, and our aesthetic experience of the world. We collaborate with floral designers, fiber artists and growers that are contributing to the beauty, creativity and accessibility of a thriving regional and more sustainable economy.

During the Season 2 Residency, we are thrilled to feature Floral Ecology, an exhibition of the works of photographer and Stone Barns Center’s ecology and GIS manager Elijah Goodwin, as well as a series of floral artisans, beginning with LaParis Phillips of Brooklyn Blooms.

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Elijah Goodwin
May 12 – 29

Elijah’s artistic practice, Whimbrel Nature, explores the ecological connection, the importance of human-altered habitats as well as “natural” ones, and an appreciation and reverence for the complex splendor of the natural world. Lightbox Ecology presents the beauty and crucial ecology of flowering plants along roadsides, trailsides, and in agricultural fields through arrangements of flowers and plant pieces on a light box that emphasize ecological associations. These frequently unsung and/or unnoticed plants can provide crucial habitat to pollinators and birds taking advantage of the edges of human-impacted landscapes. While celebrating the beauty of the plant material, each piece also tries to celebrate the ecological whole of the community or the anatomy and functional aspects of particular species or plant groups.

Philippe Gouze
‘Floral Ecology’ Guest Florist
June 23 – 27

For our final exhibit feature, we welcome our very own resident floral designer, Philippe Gouze. Philippe is the Floral Designer and Director of Operations for Blue Hill at Stone Barns, as well as the Co-Director of the Arts & Ecology initiative at Stone Barns Center.

Philippe lives in Rockland County with his husband and a rotating cast of cats, dogs, and chickens. Philippe spent the last 20 years developing extensive perennial flower gardens and borders, a woodland garden, an abundant vegetable garden, an orchard, and a greenhouse housing his collection of orchids, ferns, succulents, and palm trees

Lacking any formal training or experience in floral design, Philippe’s passion for gardening and respect of nature inspire his creations, which range from large scale installations in the restaurant to organic arrangements for events, always honoring the seasonal flora of the Hudson Valley.

We admire his creative genius and bold approaches in floral design work. For this particular exhibit, Philippe is collaborating with us to raise a flag in honor of Pride Month, by creating a rainbow influenced design with farm and foraged materials.

Shanti Nagel
June 16 – 20

Shanti Nagel is the founder of Design Wild, a landscape design firm that strongly believes the relationship between humans and the natural world is essential for individual health, the strength of communities and the life of ecosystems. She works at the intersection of landscape design, humans, and community well-being.

The Arts and Ecology initiative is thrilled to highlight Shanti in this week’s ‘Floral Ecology’ exhibit. We admire the work she is doing in the horticultural field, bringing beauty, dignity and vitality to the places we live. The installation she created features native and pollinator friendly plants typically used in her landscape designs. She and her team build gardens for private clients, as well as communities in subsidized and low income housing projects and in public spaces, throughout New York City and the Hudson Valley.

Angelica Arocho
Ecological Monitoring Coordinator
June 9 – 13

Enjoy an intimate look at local ecology through the artistic work of Angelica Arocho. As part of the ecosystems team at Stone Barns, Angelica has a keen awareness of the nuances of our landscape and translates it through her unique perspective in this Floral Ecology exhibition. She has created an installation featuring structural art with phragmites, a perennial wetland plant, and many varieties of the carex, or sedge family. Through her years of monitoring the plant diversity of this land, she has developed a deep attachment to and understanding of the plant communities within our local meadows and forests. She has identified and sampled more than one hundred species of plants on the property, and has compiled them into a three-volume (so far!) reference guide.

Emily Scott
June 2 – 6

Emily Scott is the artist behind Floriconvento, a floral design studio based in Harlem, NY. Hailing from South Florida, and with Dominican ancestry, Emily keeps her roots close, adds a warm & vibrant energy to her designs by juxtaposing unusual elements with seasonal blooms. Having spent her adolescence surrounded by the natural & abundant landscapes of south Florida, Emily is a seasoned forager; her eye for style and striking color combinations allow her to bring forth vivid interpretations of nature. Driven by a deep passion for sustainability, Floriconvento operates intentionally, avoiding single use plastic and floral foam.
At just 27 years old but with 8 years of floral industry experience, through Floriconvento, Emily delivers high impact, whimsical and luxurious designs with impeccable quality and execution.

Karla Smith-Brown
May 26 – 30

Founded in 2019, OLIVEE Floral is a Brooklyn-based floral design studio led by Owner & Creative Director, Karla Smith-Brown. Named after her feisty and fearless great-grandmother Olivee, of Saint Elizabeth Parish in Jamaica – OLIVEE Floral’s wild, natural aesthetic is a direct reflection of the lush, bountiful land native to Karla’s family.

OLIVEE Floral approaches every design by honoring the natural beauty of each element in an arrangement, using seasonal flora as a medium for composition with a keen focus on color theory. Passionate about sustainability, Karla aims to incorporate eco-conscious practices in her work at OLIVEE by using recyclable materials for packaging and extending the life span of flowers through preserving methods and partnerships with artists who transform flower waste into natural dyes.

Valerie Rojas Braverman
May 19 – 23

Valerie Rojas Braverman is a floral designer born and raised in New Jersey. With a business degree from the University of Delaware, and over a decades worth of marketing and advertising experience, she began floristry in 2009 as a passion project. This led her to freelance design work for New York and Philadelphia-based florists. She later branched out on her own under the name Brave Floral in 2016.

Valerie owns and operates her independent flower shop in Maplewood, NJ where fresh cut florals and potted botanicals sourced from local farms are on offer for residential and commercial clients. She also serves on the board of the Garden State Flower Cooperative. The focus of her designs is seasonality with an emphasis on locally grown botanical ingredients.

La Paris Phillips
May 12 – 16

Brooklyn Blooms was planted in 2017 in the neighborhood of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn with a mission to serve its neighborhood and the surrounding communities with uniquely curated blooms while maintaining sustainable practices.

Brooklyn Blooms draws inspiration from fashion, nature and art while using flowers as the medium. Mixing textures, colors, and silhouettes applies to arranging flowers just as much as it applies to creating the perfect look. We believe that everyone is an individual and deserves to have florals tailored just for them, even down to the vessel! By using curated seasonal blooms in interesting found vases we create “beautiful things out of beautiful things” with you in mind.


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The Gallery at Stone Barns in collaboration with
March 31 – May 9

Our first exhibition was a collaboration with art and design fair platform Object & Thing. Megumi Arai, Jane Crisp, Green River Project LLC, Gregg Moore, Kiva Motnyk, Johnny Ortiz and Frances Palmer created new works embracing materials from the Stone Barns farm for a selling exhibition –– with a percentage of all sales benefiting Stone Barns Center.

About Object & ThingObject & Thing reimagines the art and design fair concept, by bringing together both disciplines through a focus on the object. Launched in 2019 as an exhibition in New York City, as well as through a corresponding e-commerce site, Object & Thing presents object-based 20th and 21st century works, collaborating with artists’ studios and leading international art and design galleries. Founded and directed by Abby Bangser, former Artistic Director of Frieze Art Fairs for the Americas and Asia, it is organized in coordination with artistic director Rafael de Cárdenas.