Working toward a regenerative food system together

In pursuit of change

We’re on a mission to shape an ecological food culture that centers farmers and their stewardship of the land to amplify their success.

How We Got Started

What we do

We envision an ecological food culture that puts the planet-protecting efforts of farmers front and center.

Our Programs

Our impact

We invest in farming that is resilient and regenerative — cultivating a vibrant way of farming that delivers good food, grown well, to more Americans.

2017 Highlights

2,750 farmers have attended our Young Farmers Conference. Over $225,000 in scholarships were granted.

High School Education Program is expanding nationwide to NYCChicago, Houston, Miami, & Los Angeles.

4/5 of our former apprentices are active in agriculture today.

2018 Annual Report

Highlights From Our Team

Meet The Team

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