At The Farm

Located in Pocantico Hills, NY, Stone Barns is a laboratory for learning and catalyzing a culture of informed, healthy eating.

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Teaching & Learning

By educating people about food and farming, we're encouraging the food citizens of tomorrow to make healthier life choices for themselves and the planet.

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About Us

We are working to develop a culture of eating based on what farms need to grow to build healthy soil and a resilient ecosystem.

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Creating a more sustainable food system, together

Our Food System Is In Trouble

The food system is the path that food travels from field to fork. It includes the growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, transporting, marketing, consuming, and disposing of food.

Industrial and impersonal

Corporations prioritize profits over people

Bad for nature

It pollutes and degrades our environment

Bad for people

It doesn't pay living wages and harms human health

Complex and confusing

Most people don’t understand how food is produced

In pursuit of change

We are on a mission to create a healthy and sustainable food system that benefits us all. Learn more about our unique collaborative organization and how it began.

How We Got Started

What we do

We invest in farming that is resilient and regenerative, so that we can grow a vibrant way of farming that delivers fresh and healthy food to more Americans.

Our Programs

Our impact

We invest in farming that is resilient and regenerative — cultivating a vibrant way of farming that delivers good food, grown well, to more Americans.

2017 Highlights

2,750 farmers have attended our Young Farmers Conference. Over $225,000 in scholarships were granted.

High School Education Program is expanding nationwide to NYCChicago, Houston, Miami, & Los Angeles.

4/5 of our former apprentices are active in agriculture today.

2017 Annual Report

Highlights From Our Team

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