Farmers Cultivating Restaurant Relationships

This select session of the Young Farmers Conference was live streamed on our Facebook page on Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 at Stone Barns Center.

Farmers Cultivating Restaurant Relationships

Communication and flexibility are paramount to developing and maintaining a good restaurant – farm relationship. The creativity born from this has the ability to enhance excellent product quality for restaurants while promoting principles of good soil health and financial viability on farms. Come listen to how the restaurant forager from Blue Hill and farmers from both Stone Barns Center and Alewife Farm collaborate to manage this crucial relationship. This is a must see for beginning farmers looking to sell to farm-to-table restaurants.

Moderator: Sara Elliott, Stone Barns Center
Panel: Tyler Dennis, Alewife Farm; Jason Grauer, Stone Barns Center; Andrew Luzmore, Blue Hill at Stone Barns

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