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Chantel Phillips

Chantel Phillips is the I.T. Support Analyst at Stone Barns Center. She started out building gaming PCs 10 years ago before moving into software, networking, and commercial A/V. She previously worked as a Technical Group Manager who nurtured several rounds of new employees and internships. Chantel recently furthered her education and completed a program for Full-Stack Web/Mobile Development. Her first project was a website called The Sugar Spell to display her baking adventures.

One of Chantel’s ambitions at Stone Barns Center is to inspire diversity and inclusiveness in the tech community. So, she’s glad to bring her technology superpowers to make triaging issues and delivering solutions a more personable experience for the entire team.

On the side: She enjoys spending time with her adopted senior dog, Peppy. Service is fundamental, and she volunteers with Filling In The Blanks to provide children with meals who depend on school lunches. Chantel runs a small batch baking business that has grown over 8+ years. She’s also an identical twin and they are both huge Harry Potter nerds!

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