Jill Isenbarger
Executive Director

Jack Algiere
Four Season Farm Director

Shannon Algiere
Flower and Herb Manager / Terrace Coordinator

Sam Anderson
Growing Farmers Initiative Manager

Joan Basile        
Visitor Experience Associate

Selena Beaumont 
Farm Store and Visitor Center Associate

Anne Bingaman

Glynis Cotton
Assistant Farm Store Manager

Krisan Christiensen
Four Season Farm Greenhouse Fellow

Patricia D'Amore
Farm Store and Visitor Center Associate

Lauren Desmond

Operations Manager

John DiMarco
Facilities Manager

Sarah Dinger

Sara Elliott
Director of Programs

Mara Flanagan
Associate Director of Philanthropy

Kiera Foti
Visitor Experience Associate

Barbara Fox
Senior School Programs Educator

Katie Fox
Senior Educator

Laurie Freyer
Growing Farmers Initiative Coordinator

William Graham
Four Season Farm Staff

Jason Grauer
Field Crop Manager

Anna Bella Guggenheimer
Director of Visitor Experience

Craig Haney
Livestock Farm Director

Shane Hardy
Compost Systems Manager

Erica Helms
Director of Marketing and Philanthropy

Nina Hogan
Farm Store and Visitor Center Associate

Martha Hodgkins
Communications Director

Nancy Howe
Operations Assistant

Sara Krugman
Farm Store and Visitor Center Associate

Davis Lindsey
Field Education Manager

Jessica Lutz
Visitor Experience Manager

Laura Neil
Marketing and Philanthropy Manager

Maggie Nolin
Philanthropy Operations Manager

Chris O’Blenness
Livestock Operations Manager/Shepherd  

Aleah Papes
Executive Coordinator

Noel Perriello
Visitor Experience Associate

Laura Perkins

Mary Regan
Livestock Farm Market Manager

Luis Reyes
Facilities Maintenance Assistant

Shannon Rooney
Four Season Farm Data Coordinator

Jennifer Rothman
Director of Education

Marina Sapan
Senior Educator

Maggie Schwed
Livestock Staff

Estelle Silberman
Events Planner

Michael Shallo
Facilities Director

Adrian Stewart
Livestock Logistics Coordinator       

Adriana Stimola
Content Manager

Mary Anne Sullivan
Farm Store and Visitor Center Associate

Amy Zimmerman
Farm Store and Visitor Center Associate

Lisa Zimmerman
Director of Operations